Francie Marzec             July 2018

Testimonial by Paul L. Schaefer


I went to see Francie to try something different to relieve general stiffness and increase mobility in the neck and shoulders as well as my legs. These ailments were probably due to all of the running and baseball over the years. In addition, I developed fluid build-up in my right leg post a surgical procedure caused by poor circulation.


In the past, the aches and pains of the neck, shoulder and legs were treated with your garden variety hot packs, cold packs, stretching etc. The kind of stuff that you could “Google” in lieu of a copay at the therapy office. So why not Francie?


Within the first few minutes, she found the pain spots without me directing her to where they were. Pain quickly turned to a mild, relieving pressure. When I got up to walk around, I felt like I was walking on air. The heaviness of my legs was gone. My arms and shoulders felt free. My mobility increased dramatically in one session.


Francie offers a unique approach to therapy customized just for you. The effects are incredible. It certainly isn’t “cookbook medicine”.

Francie Marzec is a rare find in the world of physical therapy. She has helped me more in three one-on-one sessions than has occurred in a month’s worth of appointments (3x a week) in a more traditional PT setting, where I was intermittently attended to and “parked” for heat/stim treatments, or to perform sets of exercises on my own. Her techniques are hands-on, gentle, and patient as she unravels not just the symptoms of your body’s imbalance but, more importantly, the causes. She is kind, knowledgeable, warm, and committed, and clearly derives great joy from helping her clients return to a more balanced and vibrant state. While she works with you she helps you to understand more about your body and how it works, so that you can learn how to become a better advocate for your own health, and a partner in your own progress. Although she is a private pay practitioner (ie: does not accept health insurance) and her fees are higher than most co-pays, she is worth every penny.

Wendy Caldwell Maloney

Let’s talk about the way you sleep.

I came to Francie with some knowledge of where my pain was coming from. I had been to my internist, a urologist and with no relief, finally a chiropractor. All tried to relieve my back pain with their methods but unfortunately my pain remained the same. It was hovering at a six, on a scale of 1-10. Francie said…let’s talk about the way you sleep. My first thought was, the way I sleep is impacted by my pain, let’s get rid of my pain and then I won’t have to worry about how I sleep. I soon found out, with Francie’s help that my pain was not a one-shot issue. It was more complex.

I tell Francie she has “magic hands”. After two sessions of Francie’s therapy, my pain is now down to a little stiffness in the morning and I am still working on it. It is not easy for me to articulate exactly what Francie’s therapy is but I will say that it is more of a 360 approach. She has taken her training in many areas of physical therapy and rolled them into her own. The physicality of her work is hands-on, much like a massage therapist. She identifies the source of the pain and physically works through it with her hands. Her approach includes how you walk, talk, stand and sleep. And most of all she educates you on what you can do through exercise to continue what her “magic hands” have done.

I would recommend Francie to anyone and everyone who suffers from physical pain. Her knowledge, experience and approach is a game changer.

Thank you, Francie!

Warm Regards,

Arlene Kaye Wasserman

My name is Tara and I suffered from two herniated discs, with a bulging disc sandwiched in-between.  I couldn't sleep because of the severe nerve pain. I couldn't walk or drive because I couldn't control my legs.  In an effort to avoid surgery, I tried everything else first - Chiropractic care, Acupuncture and standard Physical Therapy.  After one month, I was able to walk again. After two months, I was able to drive again.  After one year, I was still seeing a Physical Therapist once a month to realign my back and hips.  I started seeing a personal trainer, to strengthen my core and pelvic floor. After two years, I was still living with a constant level 2 or 3 (out of 10) of pain in my lower back.  I learned to live with it.

Then I met Francie.  Francie comes to your home, with her heated table, and spends one to two hours with you.  Every PT I had tried before was in their gym and they had between two and five other patients at the same time.  After one session with Francie, my constant pain level went down to 1 (out of 10). After two sessions with Francie, my pain was gone. GONE. And she never even touched my back.  I suspect she used magic.  Okay, maybe it's all of the education she has, as well as her personal experience with pain.


Since then, I asked her to work on my 12 year old son because he couldn't reach past his knees or sit up straight.  Guess who can touch their toes after two sessions with Francie?  My son!


My husband is signed up to work with her next to help relieve his digestive issues and he can't wait.


I thought I would have to live with back pain for the rest of my life.  Thanks to Francie, I am pain free.


I am so very grateful to Francie!

My time with Francie as my pelvic floor physical therapist has been nothing short of amazing. Not only is she highly educated on this part of the body, but she is also so friendly and personable. I will never forget at the end of my first visit, her giving me a hug. That let me know that she truly cared about my recovery as her patient. She never made me feel like I was just another one of her patients, she made me feel that together we would figure out a solution for my pain. I would highly recommend Francie to anyone looking for a physical therapist. It is evident in her work, that Francie truly loves what she does. I cannot thank her enough for all of the help and relief she has given me. Thank you!


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