I am not just a Therapist, I was also a Patient.   After 14 years, as a Physical Therapist, “a preschooler beat me up.”  I fell the vast distance of 2 feet off a therapy ball, with one of my preschool students in my arms.  She just went on about her life, I was not so lucky.  After a surgery and more than a year of physical therapy, as a patient, I found pelvic floor physical therapy, by luck, or maybe fate.  On the same day, I found out that I was a needy patient, and also that this was much less physically demanding area of PT, so that I may not have to give up my career as a physical therapist.  Armed with this new information, I set out to repair my body, and to educate myself to transfer into this new area of physical therapy.   So many people helped me make this change.   Now I feel that it is my responsibility to share my education and experiences, to help others transform themselves in to The Real You.  I believe that knowledge is power, and that we all need to educate ourselves about our own bodies, to improve and optimize the best tool and resource that we will ever have, our body.  I believe that education can be the key to life, by maximizing our bodies and therefore our capacity for happiness.  This is my wish for each of us.   

Personally, I am happily married with identical twin boys (pictured right).

I was a Patient, too.
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