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Standardized Verbal Kegel Instructions​ are not enough


49% had effective effort and

25% had incontinence promoting effort when taught Kegels with verbal instructions.

Women wait 5-10 years before seeking treatment for Incontinence

​​10 Common Reactions to Urinary Incontinence which prevent women from seeking care.


Exercise & Incontinence


​​Study shows that 30% of regularly exercising women had incidence of Urinary Incontinence with exercise.

Do you lose urine with a cough, laugh or sneeze?


Do you lose urine with exercise?


It is NOT NORMAL to leak urine.


I can help fix those annoying leaks!



Back and Pelvic Pain

Your Pelvic Floor muscles     may be the missing link to ending your pain.


Sexual Health

Often, men and women experience a sexual benefit, after releasing and strengthening these pelvic floor muscles.



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