We are all striving to be the best version of ourselves.  Health is the cornerstone that allows us success in all the other areas of our life. 

Public Speaking

Dynamic, relatable talks that give key walk-away tactics that can easily be implemented into your everyday life.


The Rule of 3's - The Survivalist's Guide to Better Heath


How to Sleep Better Tonight


Why, the HOW to drink water, makes you more Powerful

The Superpower You Already Have

How to Improve Your Sex Life - A physiological look at the human body.  When you understand the Why, When & How, you have the Advantage.

Re-Starting Your Fitness Routine

Make Inactivity Your Enemy

It's time to Free Your Neck

How Hamstrings Predict Your Posture - Change them in 4 minutes. 

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Each presentation can be personalized to your audience.  What is important to you?

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