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A few months ago, I went to my OBGYN. I’ve had a traumatic event happen early in my life and was struggling going to my gynecologist. They could not get me to calm down or able to get the speculum in. So they suggested pelvic floor physical therapy.

I thought WHAT?? Pelvic floor PT no way.

I did some research and came across Francie Marzec. This was the best thing I could have done for myself.

I arrived terrified, I was trembling and could barely explain what my problem was. She took her time to talk to me and try to ease my anxiety. I told her I am going to school for nursing. So, she continued to explain different muscles and such and I still could not calm down. She was showing me a pelvic model, she asked me to hold the model. That was the best thing she could have done to calm me down. Seeing as I love anatomy; being able to hold the model as she described how the pelvic floor works dropped my anxiety tremendously.

She knew I would be a delicate patient. Francie calmed my fears of internal exams more than anyone has. She did not rush whatsoever. We sat and talked at our first session to figure out a treatment plan. Everything she suggested she made sure I was okay with doing. This made me trust her.

Second appointment comes and again I’m a trembling wreck. Yet again she calmed me down. We decided an internal exam would be useful in my treatment seeing as I have a tight pelvic floor. I was terrified. She wouldn’t do anything unless I was absolutely sure though.

I was sick of the discomfort and was ready to tackle it.

I wouldn’t have done anything about it if it wasn’t for Francie. I started getting very scared and anxious during the internal exam and I remember her holding my hand. She really cared about how I felt. After the appointment she gave me the biggest hug ever. When I left I felt good about it and like someone actually cares.

Most health care workers are about getting you in and out. Francie Marzec is NOT one of those people. I wouldn’t be where I am without her help and support. Whatever you need she is there for you. She makes topics that are embarrassing or awkward to talk about, like normal everyday conversation. She takes her time to look at the patient as a whole. Yes I may have gone for pelvic floor PT but she has helped me with other problems I have including drop foot. I wasn’t planning on ever being okay with someone examining me, but I truly believe Francie has helped me majorly with my PTSD.

I would recommend Francie Marzec to every and anyone. She really is Wonder Woman!” K.M.

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