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My Philosophy

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Francie believes that your body is amazing! There should be no pain.  Your body has healed itself hundreds of times.  It only needs help, once your personal “winding up” becomes too complicated for your body.

Why do professional athletes heal faster than us?

Instant medical care and customized treatments.

How should we prioritize our own body care?


Do your teeth and car get better scheduled care than your body?

Don’t you deserve a 90-minute treat with Francie?

I consider myself a manual therapist.  Most of our time together will be hands-on treatment. Through touch, I can assess your body's condition and provide treatment to facilitate, returning your body closer to it's natural true home state, where functioning is easier and more pain-free. Stress, repetitive movements, injuries and the body's own protection reactions can lead to inefficient and painful movement patterns.  Regardless of any disease, the body may preform at a less than optimal level, and although I cannot directly affect the disease process, I can very often make your functioning easier and more pain-free.  With these increases, your quality of life improves.  

I offer each of my patients an in-depth evaluation, which we will use to develop your treatment plan and your home exercise program, for you to invest in yourself, too.  Combined with my personal hands-on treatment, we will be able to measure your weekly progression towards The Real You.  I also will continually educate you on your body and what we are doing.  You will learn to help yourself and take an active role in determining the course of your treatment.  And to be able to use these tools, in the future, to hold off return of severe symptoms.

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