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Physical Therapy or not to Physical Therapy (but massage?)

Initially, patients often think I feel more like a massage therapist, than a Physical Therapist. Rather than exercised-focused, I am mostly physically hands-on for 90 minutes, while your job is to notice and learn how your body can really feel and maintain what we release. I feel that it is a balance between art and science, that uses a "find and fix it" logic, but unlike massage, the areas that need work are not actually the exact areas that hurt you. If it was that easy, you would have fixed it already. You also get movements that will allow you to maintain a lot of what we achieved together. We will peel away layers, like and onion, finding more below and eventually getting to the core issue that your body has been protecting. You will feel changed during each treat and will feel empowered to experiment to find all that you have been gifted with this amazing body.

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